FNF Multiplayer APK (Network Android Port) – Download MOD

Download FNF Multiplayer Android Port (APK Official) – Official version of FNF Multiplayer for Android, commissioned to ZackGamerz by the original developers of this fantastic tool to expand its support to mobiles. It is undoubtedly great news for Android users, as it is the first tool that gives us the ability to play online multiplayer from mobile.

FNF Multiplayer APK

This MOD will certainly make a difference in terms of traditional gameplay. Getting clashes on a voluntary basis and being able to invite your best friends to challenge each other is obviously a functionality more than required by the users and players of the Friday Night Funkin’ community. Thanks to this useful MOD, from now on, the most interested players will get to fight against other players to measure their skill levels and continue to improve based on more possible confrontations. This is the beginning of the most competitive game mode to date.

In terms of graphics we can enjoy free choice between several characters such as BF or Ritz, which is an improvement in content and greater freedom of choice when playing. In my opinion it is a very interesting feature, since we can choose the character with which we most identify. As for the music section we find the original songs of the game, so we will also have the possibility to choose and configure the game according to our taste.

New Features of FNF NET Multiplayer APK Android FNF MOD

  • Multiplayer game mode

Download FNF NET Multiplayer APK Android for Friday Night Funkin’

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Latest MOD updates

  • v1.0 – Official release of the Port for Android