Friday Night Funkin’ APK Android Mobile (WEEK 7) – Download

Download Friday Night Funkin’ APK (Mobile Version) will allow you to play FNF from Android, with an unofficial version developed by Lucky Dog 7 that is compatible with touch screens of the game. It is without a doubt the best option when it comes to playing Friday Night Funkin’ from Android.

Friday Night Funkin APK

Friday Night Funkin’ APK for Android Mobile

This unofficial version of FNF for Android offers us a number of new features that make the game comfortable to play from mobile. Although at first the first versions left a little to be desired, currently and with the arrival of the latest updates, it can be said that we are already facing an Android version that is worth playing.

One of the most important inclusions of this MOD is the new hitbox function, which allows us to use the full screen of the mobile to play FNF. While before we had to press keys that played the role of “arrows”, now each arrow is assigned to 1/4 of the screen. Thus, when playing FNF APK you can use the entire screen and have enough space to play each of the notes comfortably. In this image is perfectly staged how useful this feature is when playing comfortably.

The app developer (Lucky Dog 7) has been updating this APK periodically fixing bugs and including certain gameplay and performance improvements. However, it is worth noting that you will need some minimum requirements on your mobile to be able to play smoothly and without FPS jerks. As we have already mentioned, this is the best option there is today, at least from the humble opinion of FNF.Mobi.

Latest FNF APK updates for Android

  • v0.2.7.1 ver 6 – new hitbox hint
  • v0.2.7.1 ver 5
  • v0.2.7.1 ver 4
  • v0.2.7.1 ver 3

Download Friday Night Funkin’ APK for Android

At FNF.Mobi we upload the latest updates of the APK file to a mirror on Google Drive for easy downloading. You can download the latest version from the link below:

Link – Download