FNF Doki Doki Take Over APK (Android Port) – Download

Friday Night Funkin’ Doki Doki Take Over APK allows us to play from the mobile the new MOD for FNF that includes one of the most anticipated releases of FNF for Android. It is Doki Doki Takeover week, in which we will find adorable characters like the Literature Club girls. Below you can learn some details about this MOD in which we will find iconic characters like Monika and Senpai.

Doki Doki Takeover

Doki Doki Take Over FNF has more than 15 new songs and numerous extra contents. In these songs we will find the VS Monika week completely remastered, along with a new week in which we will have epic rap battles against club characters like Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri. These songs offer a high level of difficulty, new vocals for the characters, some arrows with special functionalities, and even a secret song.

In terms of graphics, FNF Doki Doki Take Over is a MOD that offers different custom backgrounds, new skins for BF and GF, custom home screen, custom menu with music, arrows with new colors, plus cutscenes with dialogues that tell a story. It is a really well worked MOD whose quality was already seen coming from the beginning, which includes adorable characters that we love. For all this, it is a MOD that is worth taking into account, as it is very likely that it will continue to bring even more updates in the future.

Download Doki Doki Take Over MOD APK for Android – Friday Night Funkin’ Mobile

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How to Install Doki Doki Take Over APK on Android (FNF MOD)

To install Doki Doki Take Over on Android you will just need to follow the same steps as installing any APK on Android.

  1. Download the .apk file on your mobile.
  2. Open the APK file keeping in mind that you have to have the option of applications of unknown origin disabled in Android.
  3. Install the APK file.
  4. Open the MOD and enjoy the new week included in the game.

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