Friday Night Funkin’ iOS iPhone/iPad (Download APP)

Download Friday Night Funkin’ for iOS (iPhone & iPad) will allow you to enjoy one of the most popular games of the year from your Apple mobile. Although we do not have an official version of FNF for iOS for now, the truth is that we already have some options that can be useful while we wait for the official version (which will arrive sooner or later).

Download Friday Night Funkin’ for iOS (iPad/iPhone) APP

The best option to enjoy one of the most popular games of the year on iOS is Music Battle FNF Game, an unofficial app that is available on the iOS App Sotre. It is the best option considering that its availability in the App Store makes the download process much easier for us.


The developer of Music Battle FNF Game has designed the game to be played with the mobile screen vertically, so it is more comfortable to hold the mobile while pressing the different keys. As you can see in the images, the game has been perfectly adapted to the needs and limitations of a cell phone. It is undoubtedly the most recommended option to play Friday Night Funkin’ on iOS.

Link – Download

Play Friday Night Funkin’ Online for iOS iPhone/iPad (Browser)

The only decent option we iOS users currently have to play FNF without having to download the game is Foned In, a version of FNF for mobile browsers. This version has support for touch screens, and you can play it from Chrome or Safari. We leave you here the game, so you can play it from iOS whenever you want.

Link – Friday Night Funkin’ Foned In

Remember that this version of FNF for iOS is not official, so you may encounter numerous bugs or crashes while playing. The developer keeps updating the version to fix some of these bugs, so it offers a better and better gaming experience for iOS players.