Friday Night Funkin’ Foned In (FNF Mobile Browser) – Play Online

FNF Foned In is a version of Friday Night Funkin’ that allows you to play Online from your Android or iOS mobile browser (Chrome or Safari). This special version for mobile browsers has been developed unofficially and independently of the original version of the game.

Friday Night Funkin Foned In

Play Friday Night Funkin’ Foned In from browser

FNF Foned In is the best option currently available for playing Friday Night Funkin’ Foned In online from your mobile browser. You can play whenever you want by accessing this URL from your Chrome or Safari browser, either on iOS or Android.

The game controls have been adapted for touch screens, so the different notes are played by pressing on the screen in the area of each of the arrows. Note that you don’t have to click right at the height of the arrow, as you can press the key anywhere on the screen as long as you are vertically aligned with the note you want to play. To move through the menus you can use the special touchscreen movements, such as swipe up or swipe down, which have been configured in this special version for mobile browsers.

Although currently still has numerous bugs and crashes when playing, keep in mind that it requires at least a terminal of 2 or 4 GB of RAM to play this version smoothly (I for example have a very cheap mobile and I can not play FNF Foned In without FPS jerks). Little by little they are solving the crashes and improving the performance of this version of FNF.

In my personal opinion, this is not the best option for playing FNF on Android. It is the only recommended option if you want to play from the browser, but the Friday Night Funkin’ APK version has better mobile features than Foned In, and is more comfortable to play. If you have the option to download the APK version, that will be the most recommended without a doubt.

Common problems:

  • The game could crash at any time for no apparent reason (it will depend on the quality of your mobile, but the game itself also has its own bugs and glitches)
  • Kade Engine also causes some glitches.
  • Restarting songs can cause the page to reload (this is an unsolvable bug for now)
  • The sprites of the different skins and backgrounds in the game may not work correctly on some devices.