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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Accelerant Hank APK allows us to play from the mobile the new MOD for FNF, based on the famous MOD VS Hank, whose new character is the protagonist of Madness Combat. It is a MOD with an impressive quality that includes new elements in the stages and a dizzying level of difficulty. It is undoubtedly one of the best MODS among those that have been released recently.

VS Accelerant Hank APK

VS Accelerant Hank FNF features 3 new songs that include a great musical rhythm and a progressive increase in difficulty. The last two songs feature black arrows that include the special function of removing points in case of touching them. Undoubtedly, an element that offers an added difficulty.

In terms of graphics, FNF VS Accelerant Hank APK is a MOD that offers a large number of special effects, as well as a complete customization of the menu, the home screen, and the backgrounds. In the background we will have a new spectator, the Tricky Clown from Madness Combat, replacing GF in some of the songs.

Download FNF VS Accelerant Hank APK for Android – Friday Night Funkin’ Mobile

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How to install VS Accelerant Hank APK on Android (FNF MOD)

To install VS Accelerant Hank APK on Android you will just need to follow the same steps as installing any APK on Android.

  1. Download the .apk file on your mobile device.
  2. Open the APK file taking into account that you have to have the option of applications of unknown origin disabled in Android.
  3. Install the APK file.
  4. Open the MOD and enjoy the new week that it includes in the game.

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